On Monday, January 28, 2019, Alyssa’s beloved cat, Snowball, was euthanized by our veterinarian. He lived a good life at almost 20 years old. Our consolation over our loss is to hope that God has brought Snowball over to Alyssa in Heaven where they will always have joy and fun with one another with no more pain or suffering.

Alyssa loved Snowball since receiving him as a gift on her 4th birthday from her uncle, Gilbert and his family. Alyssa wrote about Snowball in her journal saying, “Snowball served as my protector and affectionate, fluffy companion. Every tear that accumulated on my face has been accompanied by Snowball’s presence and his appeasing, kind eyes to mend my broken heart.”

We know life is precious and Snowball was a big part of our family. Alyssa’s brother, Vince, would come home to take care of Snowball when Mom was going on a business trip. Vince loved Alyssa’s cat too! Snowball made many memorable moments in our lives and we will always remember them. We know that Alyssa is smiling and happy we took good care of Snowball until his passing.

We will always treasure our memories with Snowball for the rest of our lives.