Daniel Guerrero was welcomed as our newest member of the AAFH Board at the first meeting held on Sunday, January 20, 2018 at the Casa Margarita in Downers Grove, IL, Daniel is a cousin of Alyssa and has been an active volunteer since the AAFH was established. He has taken the lead in coordinating one of our more successful annual events over the last two years, the Spring fundraiser at Old Crow Smokehouse. He is currently putting together this year’s event and we anticipate another successful event in 2019!

As a new Board member, Daniel looks forward to being supportive to a greater degree in this year’s AAFH events in memory of Alyssa and in fulfillment of the AAFH’s mission in bringing joy through our music and art programs to young patients who are experiencing their own cancer and/or life-threatening illness.

AAFH 2018 Accomplishments

A total of 1050 Alyssa Starter Art Kits were delivered to 24 hospitals, medical institutions and RMHs in the Chicagoland area, Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Mexico. There were 54 gift recipients who received their personal gifts of musical instruments, headphones, crafting items and art supplies.

Our volunteers provided support in successfully carrying out 9 Art Nights and 5 Music Nights at 7 RMHs in the Chicagoland area and in St. Petersburg, Florida. We want to thank our 215 volunteers for continuing to assist us in fulfilling our mission and our generous donors for their financial contributions!