It is with great sadness and a huge sense of loss that we announce the passing of Alvaro Liceaga, MD, a personal close friend and AAFH Board member. We were not just friends but loved one another as brothers...our two families felt as one.

I first met Al as a freshman at DePaul University in 1973. He was strong willed, dedicated and always fun to be around with. I will always remember the road trip we took in 1975 to deepened our friendship and trust with one another.

When we started this foundation in Alyssa's memory, Al was on-board from the very beginning and with his family provided the support we needed to help make the AAFH the success it is today. Al's presence and support can never be replaced but his love and spirit will always be within us and continue giving us the strength and courage to carry on the AAFH's mission.

Please keep Al's family in your thoughts and prayers that they find healing and hope to cope with this tremendous loss in their lives.