On Thursday, June 16, 2016, the Kohl's Associates in Action (AiA) arrived at RMH in Winfield to volunteer and help the families make their handprints and footprints using the sculpey clay donated to AAFH from Denice Steinman, Chairman & Owner of Polyform Company in Elk Grove Village, IL.

Among the moms and children who participated in the sculpey clay activity were Brandy with her toddler, Uriah, along with Melana and her children, Drew (patient), Cooper and Megan.  They enjoyed making imprints of their hands and/or feet!

Lauren, a 17 year old patient staying at the RMH made her handprint while her mom, Michelle, made her footprint.  Both of them had lots of fun with this activity! While the imprinted clay was baked in the oven, Lauren was excited to hear about the Gift Recipient Program offered by AAFH and completed her form and submitted it that evening.  Michelle wrote, "it is so nice to hear of the wonderful things Alyssa's Foundation is doing for others just like my daughter, Lauren, and we thank you for your generosity."

The Kohl's AiA volunteers also helped prepare the AAFH logo on Alyssa SAKs!  One of the AiA volunteers, Shannon, asked if we could do this activity at the RMH in Oak Lawn, IL as her friend is staying there and she thought it would be a fun activity for her young adult friend too!  The date has been set and the AAFH is going to conduct a Sculpey Clay Activity at the RMH in Oak Lawn with some of the AiA volunteers participating in this event as well!

Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers, we appreciate YOU!