Amber is an 18-year old girl who lives with her family in Dolton, IL.  Amber was diagnosed in February 1998 with cystic fibrosis and is being treated at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn.  We heard of Amber through Danielle, a registered Art Therapist on staff at Advocate Children’s Hospital.  Amber is admitted to Advocate once a month for treatment and in between visits the Advocate Children’s Hospital for maintenance procedures.   When Amber found out about the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope, she was glad when Danielle helped her complete our Gift Request Form in early June 2016.

Some of the things Amber likes to do include writing about ideas she has for movies.  She likes to play with her puppy when she’s at home.  She loves to do word search puzzles and enjoys traveling.  Amber wants to learn art techniques and Danielle is going to teach her when she is inpatient at Advocate Children’s Hospital.

On Tuesday, June 28th, Yoli visited Amber to deliver her professional art kit and easel. Amber was alone in her room and sitting on her bed waiting for us to arrive.   When Yoli presented Amber her art package, Amber asked Yoli if she could give her a hug.  This was a very special moment.  Amber said she was very appreciative of her art package from AAFH.  Amber said, “this makes me happy!” She will now be able to do art while hospitalized with this portable easel.   She was happy to take pictures with Yoli and grateful for all the art supplies - 24 acrylic paints, graphite pencils, canvas boards and looks forward to expressing herself in art!

We are encouraged by Amber’s strong will and we pray for her health.  We look forward to seeing her artwork!