We first heard of Alejandro through Julie Przeslicke, MT-BC Music Therapist, at Advocate Children’s Hospital of Oak Lawn, IL. Alejandro is a 17-year old teen who was originally diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in September 2014.  Alejandro relapsed in January 2016, but continues to love music and enjoys playing the guitar.  He is a junior high school student and lives with his family in Oak Lawn, IL.  Alejandro learned how to play the guitar in high school and borrows a guitar when he is at school since he does not have one of his own. 

Julie said, “Alejandro is a natural musician.  He really focuses on learning and is a talented teen with a very positive attitude”.   

In response to Alejandro’s gift request, Mary Jane Johnson-AAFH Board member and Yoli-AAFH President delivered to Alejandro a new Fender acoustic guitar, guitar stand and other guitar accessories on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.  Alejandro’s younger brother and his grandparents from Bolivia were with him in his inpatient room when we presented Alejandro with his gift.  His grandma said, “gracias por darle la guitara a mi nieto y hacerlo muy feliz”. 

The entire family was really happy and joyful, and Alejandro just kept on smiling and telling us he now had lots of plans with his Fender guitar. Julie helped Alejandro tune the guitar and it was then ready for him to play for us! 

Alejandro was very appreciative in receiving his gift! We hope Alejandro will share some of his music soon.