Dale is a 16 year old boy who lives with his family in Kirkland, Illinois.   At home, Dad, Kevin, is manning the home together with his brothers- Donald (20) and Thomas (8).  He was diagnosed in June 2015 with a germ cell tumor (GCT) in the central nervous system (CNS) in the pineal gland.  In other words, a brain tumor.  We first met Dale at the Music Night event hosted by AAFH at RMH near Central DuPage Hospital back in November of 2015.  Dale received a personal guitar session with one of the AAFH volunteers and he had a good time.  When Dale found out we were having an Art Night in December, he was excited to participate in the Art Night too!  Dale is being treated at the Proton Center in Warrenville.  His Mom, Carlene, stays with him at the Ronald Mc Donald House in Winfield.

Dale likes to play his Baritone and is part of the Kirkland High School’s band.  It’s been a pleasure and a great experience to get to know Dale and learn that he has a strong appreciation for music and art just like Alyssa.  It was a hard decision for Dale to submit his gift request as he has a passion for both music and art.  Carlene told me Dale’s art was selected to be the Student Artist of the Month in February 2015 and is being displayed in a case at Kirkland High School. 

At the Art Night, Dale submitted his Gift Request to AAFH.  Dale told us he loves art, drawing and painting and that he really wanted us to get him a professional art package.  On Wednesday, January 6th, I met both Dale and Carlene at RMH and surprised Dale by delivering his Professional Art Package!  He’s been pretty tired lately, however, he was all smiles and happy to receive his Gift from AAFH.  He proudly put on the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope painting apron and I caught it on camera.  Dale is looking forward to using his graphite pencils and expressing himself in art!

We wish Dale a speedy recovery and we will be praying for him.