On Sunday, January 10th we made breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago for families with children who are being treated at Lurie Children's Hospital. The AAFH Team was there six months ago and many of the same volunteers came out to join us to support an organization that welcomed us while Alyssa was going through cancer treatments.  The RMH also welcomed Alyssa while she was at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. for physical therapy.

During our meal prep, the kitchen was busy with volunteers making chocolate chip pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and breakfast burritos. When the food was ready, the families got in line and the children received toy musical instruments (xylophones and small guitars) sent from Yoli and Nancy's (Alyssa's Godmother) friend Lilia Olvera.  Our photographer, Jayne, caught a few of the childrens' excitement and smiles as they selected one of the toys of their choice.

The AAFH volunteers also had a chance to enjoy breakfast together and go up to the rooftop with Yoli to visit Alyssa's brick memorial.  It was a very busy morning full of love, joy and hope for the patients and families we met.

Give Hope.