The first delivery of Alyssa Starter Art Kits (SAKs) and toy music xylophones arrive at the All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkin Medicine & Ronald McDonald House in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

On Friday, January 15, 2016, Carmen Ziegler (Advisory Board Member), Lupe Brueck and Nadine Liceaga (AAFH Volunteers) joined Yoli Alvin (AAFH President) to promote the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope and share Alyssa’s mission with Kristin Maier the Child Life Director at the All Children’s Hospital and Karen Matthews, the House Manager at the RMH. 

Kristin emailed us and said she shared Alyssa’s SAKs with Dara Jackson who is the All Children’s hospital Inpatient Hemoc/Onc Child Life Specialist.  Dara told Kristin she loved the Art Kits and Kristin said, “don’t be surprised if you get a request for more of Alyssa’s SAKs soon!”

With the delivery of Alyssa SAKs and the toy musical instruments, the All Children’s Hospital and the RMH in St. Petersburg can now share Alyssa’s love of Music and Art with teens and young adult patients.

Thank you to Kristin and Karen for a warm welcome and giving us the opportunity to bring a piece of Alyssa’s legacy to their young patients and their families through the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope!