The Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope (AAFH) held another Music Night at the Ronald McDonald House in Winfield on Thursday, January 28, 2016.  The young patients we met are being treated at the Proton center in Warrenville, IL and receiving radiation therapy.

Toy xylophones were given to all the young patients. These toy instruments were donated by Lilia Olvera Martinez-Gerente De Ventas at Comersilver and shipped all the way from Mexico City.  Young people of ages 3 through 19 participated in the Music Night.

It was great to see Dads come to the Community Room and have fun watching their sons & daughters play the musical instruments and enjoy the sounds made by the many instruments.  One Dad even gathered a few of the children to play together.  This was caught on camera and you can see the big smiles on the childrens’ faces.   

A young patient, Andra, asked if we had a flute because she has been playing a plastic toy flute at home and has always wanted to play a real brass one.  Yoli shared the AAFH mission and told Andra we could get her one.  When she heard this, she looked at her Dad and had a big smile.  Dad said “Andra desires a flute and can’t wait to learn how to play it”.  Dad immediately completed the Gift Request form.  One of our Board members, Glen Schneider is working with Quinlan and Fabish Music Company to fulfill Andra’s gift request.  Andra’s mom, Ligia, said Andra is very excited to hear AAFH will be honoring her gift request.