Today I had the pleasure of delivering Evin’s musical instrument. I personally reached out to his family after reading about his journey with cancer on Facebook.

Evin was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on May 15, 2015. His Mom, Mari, keeps everyone updated regarding Evin’s hospital visits and treatments through a Facebook page titled “Prayers for Evin Alexander / Evin’s Journey & Battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma” (link shared below).

Cancer is often described as a ‘battle’. Evin’s family thinks of it as a battle and I can attest that there is no other way to describe it. From my personal experience with the Alvin family, each and every day was a battle. We were fighting off our fears. We were fighting off our doubts. And just like all the families affected by cancer, we were fighting for our loved one.

Something that amazes me about Evin’s friends and family is the tremendous support that they have for his battle. I think giving support, in whatever form, is crucial because these children and many others are in the fight of their lives. They really need our help.

Before the formation of the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope, all that we could really do to help young cancer patients was to be there for them, send them positivity, and maybe even pray for them. But, after being inspired by Alyssa’s journey, we’ve taken on a new battle and a new mission: to give the gift of music and art to children and young adults with cancer.

Music and art is so important for the healing process, especially to someone undergoing cancer treatments. Afterall, music and art are made of dreams, and we want young cancer patients to dream big and dream often. We want them to express themselves through art. We want them to feel joy while playing a musical instrument. And like our other gift recipients, we want them to tell their personal story through music and art.

Evin hopes to create some awesome electronic music using the musical instrument we gave him. Jokingly, I asked him, “What’s going to be your DJ name?” He just laughed. I’m sure he’ll be making some great electronic music and we look forward to sharing that with you in the future.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Novation Launchpad Pro, it’s a really awesome musical instrument. It’s so different from the other instruments we’ve given but we’re glad Evin wanted one of these. Check out this YouTube video to see how it works:

Pretty cool huh? We wanted to make sure that Evin received his instrument before he starts chemotherapy again on Thursday. If you’d like to support Evin, please visit his Facebook page by clicking on the link below:

If you’d like to help us give more musical instruments and art supplies to children and young adults with cancer, please click here to visit our donate page.

Give Hope.

-Kevin Cervantes