Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope goes to the NW Medicine Chicago Proton Center (Proton Center) in Warrenville, IL.  With the delivery of Alyssa SAKs and musical instruments, the Proton Center can now share Alyssa’s love of Music and Art with more teens and young adult patients. 

This year a total of sixty-one of Alyssa SAKs and fifty-two music instruments and accessories were delivered.  All of the art kits and music instruments were distributed to various medical institutions and Ronald McDonald Houses as well as a special art delivery to a hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico.  This was possible because of the generous donors.  We are very happy to donate the remaining instruments collected in November and December to the Proton Center!

In addition, we honored fourteen Gift Requests composed of a variety of professional art packages and musical items!  Half of this year’s teen and young adult gift recipients were being treated at the Proton Center.  

Thank you to the NW Medicine Chicago Proton Center for giving us the opportunity to share the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope with the young patients there!