After our Kind Heart Music Recital on April 22, 2018 at the Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital, we had the pleasure of presenting Aldrick  & Quinn with the gifts they had previously requested.

Ashlee & Glen Schneider, AAFH Board members, presented a professional art package including an airbrush compressor kit to Aldrick.  Aldrick, a 21-year-old, is being treated at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL for sickle cell disease.  Aldrick heard about AAFH from Art Therapist-Lori Mackey at Advocate Children's Hospital.  Aldrick is aspiring to be a tattoo and graphic artist and hopes to pursue this as a career and work in this field.

Quinn, a 12-year-old, received a Ludwig 4 piece maroon drum set from the AAFH.  Quinn is being treated at Lurie Children’s Hospital for acute lymphoblastic leukemia since July 2017.  Quinn found out about the AAFH from the child life staff at Lurie and expressed his desire to play drums.  He also likes to play video games, basketball and baseball.

These two gift recipients embody our goal to inspire teens and young adults to be creative and provide them hope to continue living their lives to the fullest.  This is made possible only through the caring and support of our donors to whom we are deeply grateful.