The 4th Annual Kind Heart Music Recital was held at Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago on Sunday, April 22, 2018.  The benefit recital was hosted by Ashlee & Glen Schneider who are both board members of Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope.  Ashlee was Alyssa’s piano teacher for ten years beginning when Alyssa turned 4. 

This year’s music recital featured some of Ashlee’s private students, other music students from Matea Valley High School and the Schneider Singers – Corrine, Caleb, Calvin, Clara, Jack, Graham and Nora Schneider. 

The musicians played a variety of music from classical artists such as Mozart and Beethoven to more contemporary selections.  The Schneider Singers sang several songs: Early One Morning, Come with Me, Peanut Song, You’ll Always be a Friend of Me, and the Hello Song.  The Schneider Singers are directed by Judi Schneider who is the children’s grandmother and a pianist.  They were also accompanied on one song by their grandfather who is a professional percussionist.  We also listened to a flute duet by Amy, Ashlee’s sister-in-law, and Ashlee Schneider.

There were 2 gift recipients who received gifts – Aldrick, 21-year-old, received a professional art package and Quinn, 12-year-old, received a new drum set!  These gifts were made possible because of YOU, our donors and sponsors and we thank you.

Special Thanks to Ashlee and Glen Schneider for hosting the 4th Annual Kind Heart Music Recital, all the young musicians and the volunteers who helped with this event.  We thank The Fresh Market, Tom Stading from Instrument Exchange and Dra. Martha Juarez for their generous donations to help us raise funds to fulfill our mission.  Our goal is to inspire teens and young adults to be creative and give them hope to continue living life to its fullest while facing significant health challenges.