On Wednesday, February 22, 2017 Yoli-President of Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope returned for a 3rd time to Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, Mexico.   Yoli was an honorary guest at the Expo Medica XIX Congreso International Avances en Medicina (CIAM) Hospital Civil de Guadalajara.  She arrived with Psic. Martha Juarez and had the opportunity to meet the nuns of Capuchinas and Dr. Guillermo O'Leary Kirchner promoter of the cultural association of the Historic Museum de la Medicina of the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara.  At the Expo Medica, Dr. Guillermo unveiled the sculpture of Obispo Fray Antonio Alcalde (1701 -1792) who was the founder of Hospital Civil de Guadalajara and showed us the display of Obispo Fray Antonio's heart at the Expo. 

Yoli reunited with Dr. Fernando Sanchez Zubieta who is the head of the Hemotology & Oncology Pediatric Unit at the Juan I. Menchaca Hospital Civil de Guadalajara Nuevo and Dr. Horacio Padilla Munoz who is the Head of Pediatrias at the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara Viejo.  Yoli met Psic. Silvia Hernandez Gallegos who assisted in the planning of the CIAM Expo.  Finally, it was a pleasure to meet Dr. Hilario Coronado who is the Head of Intensive Care Unit at Hospital Civil de Guadalajara Viejo.

In the afternoon, our first gift recipient was Felix a 19 year old with leukemia and down syndrome at Hospital Civil de Guadalajara Viejo.  Felix was very excited to receive his guitar as he enjoys singing and playing guitar with a Mariachi band.  Felix said, "I no longer have to borrow a guitar".  Felix and his family thank AAFH for bringing joy to the young adults like him in Guadalajara, Mexico.