The Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope (AAFH) held a special Art Night on Valentine’s Day at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Chicago on Tuesday, February 14, 2017. 

Young patients of all ages and their parents participated in the early Valentine’s keepsake box decorating with acrylic paints. 

The generous donation of the craft heart shaped boxes, paint brushes and acrylic paints was made by two sisters: Jean Grupe & Doris Burdick from Chicago, IL.  They owned a craft shop in the Northside of Chicago and Jean said, “I hope this will help in some small way!

We thank Jean and Doris for all the craft material and paint supplies for the Art Night! 

All the participants had fun decorating the Valentine’s boxes including the volunteers (Daniel-Alyssa’s cousin and Tara-a family friend).  We are glad to have brought happiness and joy to all the participating patients and their families for the evening.