We first learned of Juan through Laura Pawuk, Music Therapist, at Lurie Children’s Hospital. Juan is a 17-year-old teen who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) just as Alyssa and he loves music too, just like Alyssa! 

His Mom, Karina, remembers that day on September 5, 2015 when their lives changed unalterably.  Juan was finishing a boxing match when he fell and his elbow immediately bruised very badly.  His parents took him to the doctor and they had some blood work done.  Dad said the next day the Oncologist called to tell them their son had cancer.  “This was the worst news anyone can receive,” said his Dad, Juan.

Juan learned how to play the drums and now wants to learn how to play the keyboard.  Yoli delivered his new electronic keyboard, pedal and bench on Tuesday, April 5, 2016.  He was really happy and played a few tunes which sounded really good!  Juan is a quick learner and teaches himself by listening to the music.

Juan is a Junior in high school and lives in Stone Park, IL.  Juan excels in school and in addition to boxing, loves to swim and play ice hockey.  Juan lives with his parents and younger brother.  He is home for a couple weeks before returning to Lurie’s for more chemotherapy.  Juan came home just in time to attend the Junior dance.  Juan was very appreciative of his gift and his Mom said she wants to volunteer with AAFH in the future because she loves what we are doing!