Shianne & Her Pottery Wheel

Shianne is a beautiful 14-year-old who lives in Tampico, IL with her Mom, Leanne, and siblings.  We met Shianne’s family at the Art Night hosted by AAFH at RMH in Chicago on Monday, March 28, 2016.  Shianne’s family participated in the Sculpey clay activity however Shianne could not because she was hospitalized at Lurie Children’s Hospital.  Shianne’s grandmother, Brenda, told us that Shianne liked to work with clay and that she would like a pottery wheel.  Her other interests include reading, writing, drawing, playing computer games and bike riding with friends!

We told Shianne and Brenda about our Gift Recipient Program and had Shianne’s Mom, Leanne, complete the gift request form that night.  George received the gift request and immediately started looking for the pottery wheel that would be appropriate for Shianne’s age.  Within a couple days, the pottery wheel arrived to our home and we made arrangements to visit Shianne at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC).  Shianne had been transferred there to receive physical therapy before returning home to Tampico, IL.  Shianne was diagnosed with a bone tumor (Osteosarcoma) back in April 2015.  Shianne was admitted to Lurie Children’s Hospital where the cantaloupe size tumor was removed!  She spent 90 days as an inpatient at Lurie Children’s Hospital and was recently transferred to the RIC where she will be going through physical therapy to regain her strength before returning home.

We look forward to seeing some of Shianne’s creations with her new pottery wheel!

Please visit Shianne’s Journey page to learn more about Shianne’s Story.