On April 23, 2016, the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope (AAFH) held its 2nd Annual Music Benefit Recital at the Village Bible Church in Sugar Grove, IL.  The recital was hosted by Ashlee and Glen Schneider.  Ashlee and Glen are both Board members of the AAFH.  Also, Ashlee was Alyssa’s piano teacher for ten years beginning when Alyssa turned 4.

This year’s Benefit Recital featured seven of Ashlee’s students, six students from Matea Valley High School and two students from Geneva High School!  The musicians played a variety of music from classical artists such as Mozart, Beethoven and Rossini to ragtime music from Scott Joplin and an arrangement of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”!

We were fortunate to have as a guest speaker, Juan de la Rosa, a 15-year-old recent recipient of a musical gift item from the AAFH.  Juan’s 5-minute speech was inspirational and a testament to his strength and fortitude to not let his fight against cancer diminish his love for life.  Juan’s passion is wrestling and listening to his favorite music.  Juan told the audience he was competing in a state tournament the Saturday following the 2nd Annual Music Benefit Recital.  He credits both for bringing him to a place of peace and confidence when he is doing either one.  Juan received a set of blue Beats headphones from the AAFH and he’s put them to good use!

As last year, we had many generous merchants from Geneva, St. Charles and Batavia donate beautiful gift baskets for our silent auction, helping us to raise funds for our mission.  Special thanks to Anthony McInerney who provided an on-site Organo coffee stand where all attendees could savor this unique brand of coffee!