Kendall is a beautiful 11-year old who lives in Bloomingdale, IL with her family.  We first heard of Kendall through Rachel and Elizabeth, Music Therapists, at Lurie Children’s Hospital in early April.  Rachel told us that Kendall was learning how to play the borrowed Q Chord at the hospital and that she would like to have her own.  Rachel told Kendall and her Mom, Julie, about the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope (AAFH) and our Gift Recipient Program.  Rachel offered to complete the gift request form for Kendall and emailed it back to AAFH.  This was the first time we received a request for a Q Chord and within a couple weeks, we were ready to deliver it to Kendall.

Kendall was diagnosed with neutropenia in February 2016 and has been staying at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago for the last 90 days.  Kendall loves making art and doing crafts, playing board games and playing musical instruments.  Since she was admitted to Lurie’s, Kendall has been borrowing and learning how to play the Q Chord and loves it!

On Tuesday, April 26th, Carmen (Board Member) and Yoli (AAFH President) visited Kendall at Lurie Children’s Hospital.  We finally met Kendall and her mom, Julie.  Kendall was surprised and was very happy to see her own Q Chord.  Rachel said, “The timing was perfect because she was discharged from Lurie’s on Wednesday, April 27th and she came to love the Q-chord and took her own back home”.  Rachel also said that it was like a “going home” gift that will allow Kendall to take that fun aspect of being in the hospital home with her to integrate into her home life and future wellness.    

We look forward to hearing about Kendall playing the Q Chord and the new tunes she creates with it!