July 23 is a special day for us, it is the day Alyssa was born.  It would be Alyssa’s 20th birthday on this July 23, 2015.  Alyssa loved celebrating not just her birthday but also everybody else's birthdays and we have many fond memories of her birthday celebrations from year one through year 18. 

Alyssa enjoyed planning the birthday parties because she wanted her friends to enjoy themselves and remember the wonderful times they spent together.  We cannot make new memories of her birthdays, however, we have beautiful pictures of all her past birthdays and we will continue to treasure these moments we shared with her.  

We are blessed to have many family, friends, sponsors, donors and new supporters who believe in our mission.  We are all dedicated to bring the joyful gift of music and visual arts into the lives of other young cancer patients to fulfill the mission of Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope. 

The passion of Our Team is allowing us to share our love and caring to other young cancer patients and their families.  We do this by offering these young cancer patients the opportunity to enjoy and create Music and Art.  We strive to bring them Hope and some semblance of Joy while they are undergoing medical treatments and procedures to combat their illness.

Even after Alyssa was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she enjoyed life and we celebrated all her birthdays and she experienced much Joy and fun with family and friends!  We held Alyssa in our arms for a little while but we hold her in our hearts forever!

Te Queremos Mucho, Nuestra Querida Hija! ♥ We Love You, Our Beloved Daughter!