We are saddened by the news that a dear friend, Nathan L., passed away.  Nathan is special because, like Alyssa, he cared for others.  When Alyssa was at Lurie Children’s Hospital and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago last year, Nathan visited Alyssa and gave her encouragement and hope. Even when Nathan was being treated for a cancerous tumor at Northwestern Hospital, he still made time to visit Alyssa.

We were honored to have Nathan as our guest speaker at the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope 1st Benefit Recital in April, 2015.  Nathan was 24 years old, attended GHS and completed his degree at U of I.

We are praying for Nathan’s parents as they mourn the loss of their beloved son.  We wish them peace and comfort in the days ahead and pray that Nathan’s memories give them strength, love and hope. 

Nathan and his parents will always be part of the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope family.  May our dear friend Nathan rest in peace and may we always remember him the rest of our lives.