The Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope (AAFH) sponsored an Art and Music Night at the Ronald McDonald House near Loyola Hospital in Maywood on Wednesday, August 22, 2018. 

The evening began with the art portion activity and included several families from as far as West Africa and the Bahamas.  Other families were from the surrounding Chicago area.  All the families participated in drawing with water-soluble crayons.  The vibrant colors and creativity generated a lot of positive interactions and many smiles from patients and parents alike. 

A young teen patient from the Bahamas spent a lot of time talking with Mary Jane Johnson – AAFH board member.  She was accompanied by her older sister and mom who were staying with her at the RMH.  The young teen told Mary Jane she took piano lessons and enjoys playing for her friends.  She is looking forward to entering the 7th grade in this coming school year. 

The evening concluded with everyone having a chance to try different percussion instruments including bongos, tambourines, maracas, music sticks and more. 

Alyssa’s life and love of the arts continues to bring joy to young patients and their families.  We are very grateful to Judy Goral for donating the many art materials used for this Art Night.  Thank you for your support of Alyssa’s Foundation!