A delivery to the home of Angel, 14 years old, in the neighborhood of Brighton Park in Chicago was made by Daniel Guerrero, Alyssa’s cousin.  Daniel went to the apartment Angel shares with his mother and siblings on Thursday, August 9, 2018.

Angel is being treated for osteosarcoma at Lurie Children’s Hospital and preparing to begin 8th grade.  Besides a love of painting, Angel also enjoys video games as well as playing board games with his family.  Angel is challenged getting around on crutches and going through his treatments for his illness, but he was grateful to receive his painting and drawing materials.

Visiting young patients and their families, whether in medical facilities or in their homes, reminds us of how important these relatively small gifts can be in lifting up their spirits.  We remember Alyssa’s creative passions for art and music and how that provided welcome outlets during difficult times.  We wish Angel all the best in his recovery and his final year in grade school!