The Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope (AAFH) sponsored an Art and Music Night at the Ronald McDonald House near Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, IL on Monday, July 9th.  While there, we also delivered to House Manager -Kelly Evans an assortment of Alyssa Starter Art Kits for the enjoyment of all children and their families staying at the RMH.

The evening began with the art portion and we had 3 families participating in creating paintings, drawing with pastels and cutting colorful sheets of foam into different shapes and objects.  The vibrant colors and creativity generated a lot of smiles for patients and parents alike.

Andrew (known as “Drew”), 12 years old, and his Aunt, Anna are from Pontiac, MI and were staying at the RMH for Drew’s upcoming surgery.  Drew plays a couple of musical instruments – viola and piano - and is interested in fishing and auto mechanics. 

Clara, 7 years old, and her parents are from Reed, MI and were also awaiting her surgery.  Clara had a wonderful time creating her own art piece and working with her Mom and Dad on another project.

Noah, 3 years old, and his Mom, Ivona, from Toronto, Canada also participated in some finger painting.  We had met Noah and his family on a previous visit and were happy to get re-acquainted.

The evening concluded with everyone having a chance to try different percussion instruments including bongos, tambourine, maracas and more.  Each of the participants were also able to take home their own Alyssa Starter Art Kit.

Alyssa’s life and love of the arts continues to bring joy to young patients and their families.  We are so happy to carry on her legacy and so grateful to those who share our vision and support Alyssa’s Foundation!