An Art and Music Night was sponsored by AAFH at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) near Advocate Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.  We also donated Alyssa Starter Art Kits while there with delivery made to the House Manager, Jenna Embry.

The Art and Music Nights held at the RMHs are for patients and their family members of all ages so it is a treat to have multi-generations participate in our fun activities.  And this is exactly what occurred that evening.

Angel, 3 years old, was at the RMH with his family from Valparaiso, Indiana, while his baby sister (9 months old) Sofia, awaited heart surgery.  Angel enthusiastically started in on a painting project and was quickly joined by his grandmother, Natividad, and mother, Letty.  When Angel finished his art project early, he was thrilled to begin using the maracas as drumsticks on the congos we brought for the music portion of the night.  His Mom and Grandma were also happy to complete their painting projects and exhibit their creative talents.

Alyssa’s memory carries on and touches people every day that we host one of our events.  As supporters of AAFH, you can see the joy that is brought to these families during troubling times in their lives.  We pray for everything to go well with Sofia’s heart surgery.