The Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope (AAFH) sponsored a Music Night at the Ronald McDonald House on the south side of Chicago near Comer Children’s Hospital on Monday, April 9th.  Two members of the AAFH Executive Team, Denise Perez-Cabrera and Yoli Alvin, volunteered to host the Music Night. 

We arrived with several instruments to hold a hands-on music session with the residents at the house who enjoyed the bongos, music sticks, tambourine, maracas and ukulele.  Two young teens, Sulaiman (15 years old) and Brody (13 years old), and their family members were especially enthralled with the variety of instruments.  Sulaiman was accompanied by his parents and Brody was there with his mom.  We were able to give them additional information about making a gift request on our website and each of them also took an art kit to enjoy at their leisure.  The remaining art kits that we brought were left as donations to the RMH for other youth.

It was wonderful to see the happiness, excitement and curiosity of the young patients trying the different instruments and interacting with their families.

Alyssa’s legacy lives on!