On November 2, 2018, the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope brought joy and hope to many children and young adults by fulfilling their gift requests of musical instruments, headphones and art materials. Yoli, AAFH President, George, Vice-President, Dra. Martha and Dr. Christian Hawa visited 18 patients at the Hospital Civil de Guadalajara in Mexico. With much help from Dra. Martha in acquiring musical instruments from local vendors and art materials and headphones we brought from the USA, we were able to respond to each request from these young patients facing cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Many of the gift recipients met us at the hospital on their off day from outpatient treatment. These young patients live in the surrounding areas of Guadalajara and some traveled several hours to meet us at the hospital. Meeting these young people and seeing their joyful expressions upon receiving their gifts made our trip to this hospital in Mexico even more worthwhile. These young adult recipients all expressed their thankfulness to the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope.

Below is a list of the patient’s name, age and their requested gift.

Miguel Angel (19) Guitar, Jeimi Guadalupe (16) Guitar ,Dalia Guadalupe (14) Guitar;

Luis Daniel (18) Keyboard, Maria Rosa (18) Keyboard;

Rubalcaba Carlos (15) Art materials;

Maria Jazmin (20) Tarola/Timbal;

Guadalupe Montserrat (16) Pink Ukulele, Beatrice Angelica (20) Pink Ukulele, Jasmin Mariel (24) Green ukulele, Jose Manuel (17) Blue Ukulele;

Michel Montserrat (16), Violin;

Pedro Perez (19) Headphones, Jose Alfredo (15) Headphones;

Not pictured were 4 patients that were unable to go to hospital to pickup their gift - Alfas Nava (16) violin, Jessica Raquel (20) art materials, Miguel de Jesus (20) Headphones and Nancy Nayeli Rodriquez (12) keyboard.

Our deepest thanks to Dra. Martha for all her help in arranging our meetings with many of the gift recipients at the hospital. Likewise, our thanks go out to Dr. Christian for accompanying us with gift deliveries to patients at hospital civil Fray Antonio Alcalde.