On Wednesday, August 30th, the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope (AAFH) donated 50 Alyssa Starter Art Kits which included 35 adult coloring book kits and 15 journal kits.  In addition, AAFH donated 7 ukuleles to young patients at the Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona, Spain.  The 7 musical gift recipients were as follows: Alex - 16, Oriol - 13, Daniel - 17, Juan Manuel - 10, Jan - 7, Enrique - 13, and Ivan - 16 years of age.

The president of AAFH, Yoli Alvin, was accompanied by Alyssa’s godmother, Nancy Nunez, in traveling to Barcelona.  While there, they stayed with the family of Pilar Gavin and Diego Marquez, friends of the Alvin family who all met on a Mediterranean cruise during one of Alyssa's summer vacations.  Pilar graciously hosted Yoli and Nancy as well as coordinated the visit to the hospital in advance of their arrival through her contact with Eunice Blanco Vazquez, one of the hospital's social workers.

Yoli, Nancy, Pilar and Diego joined the medical team of nurses, doctors and social workers to deliver the colorful ukuleles to the young cancer patients who were receiving treatment at the hospital.  The smiling faces in the pictures show that AAFH continues to spread Alyssa’s love for music and the arts bringing joy to patients and their families during very challenging times.

We appreciate the efforts made by the oncology and hematology medical staff including: Nieves Lorez, Esther Diaz, Dr. Cristina Diaz Heredia, Roser Lara and Elena Rubio. A special thanks to our new friend, Eunice, who went above and beyond her role to make this a successful delivery!

All expenses related to this hospital visit were paid by the participants and the foundation funds were only used for the purchase of the music equipment and art materials.