On Friday, June 30, 2017, Yoli shared Alyssa’s inspiring story of hope with the students of i.c.stars.  i.c.stars is a project-based learning and full immersion teaching program that provides an opportunity for young adults to develop skills in business and technology.

A previous i.c.stars participant, Martina (who now works at the same firm as Yoli), volunteered to assist as a photographer for the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope Benefit Recital last May.  Yoli told Martina about the 501(c)(3) Young Adult Cancer Foundation she founded in December 2014 after 5 months of Alyssa’s passing to her eternal life.  Martina, in turn, told Yoli about the i.c.stars leading to Yoli’s presentation to the young adults there.

She shared with them how Alyssa was diagnosed with leukemia and, despite her condition during her chemo treatments, Alyssa’s beautiful spirit touched all those who met her.  Alyssa loved music and the creative arts and continued to pursue her dreams while struggling with her illness.  Yoli’s message touched many of the students at i.c.stars as evidenced by their conversations following her presentation.

Our vision of the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope is to sustain and strengthen the interests of young adult cancer patients in the musical and visual arts by helping them to express their creativeness in the arts.  We strive to help them enjoy life while in treatment and focus on the healing power of creativity and self-expression.  In this effort to touch the lives of patients, our Foundation shares similar goals with the social mission of i.c.stars to positively impact young people from challenged backgrounds.

We wish the i.c.stars participants success in their new endeavors as they complete their training program.  We look forward to continued opportunities to work with these new leaders and to make our communities better every day.