Court & Country Vocal Ensemble performed at RMH near Loyola Medical Center in Hines, IL on Sunday, April 30, 2017.  A total of 9 members of the ensemble attended- 3 Sopranos: Sharon Spanogle (Director), Kerri-Ellen Kelly (Manager) and Wendy Richardson (Yoli’s co-worker); 3 Baritones: Keith Rohrer, David Ordeonez and David Bannister; 2 Altos: Carrie Dahlby and Deb Kinnard; and 1 Tenor: Betsey Langan.

Their performance included titles such as “Elle Mo’adei” composed by Salmone Rossi (1623), “O Magnum Mysterium” composed by Tomas Luis de Victoria dating back to the 16th Century, “Since First I Saw Your Face” composed by Thomas Ford Musicke Kindes (1607), “How Merrily We Live” composed by Michael Este (1606)  and a variety of other musical sets.

The families and their children were thankful to AAFH for hosting an evening of music by the Court & Country Vocal Ensemble.  The Director of the Ensemble, Sharon, said “The Court and Country Ensemble was very happy to come out and perform at a 2nd RMH”.  The group enjoyed a tour of the house and stayed for dinner with the families.  Once again, AAFH brought a bit of joy into the lives of young patients and their families staying at a RMH.