Ailani is an 11 year old girl who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at Rush Medical Center in Chicago, IL in February 2016.  She lives in Aurora, IL with her Mom, Dad and younger brother.  Ailani’s Mom, Mireya, told us Ailani was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma when she turned 10 years old.  Ailani told her Mom something felt odd and that her legs felt weak and they then took her to the hospital.  Ailani started treatment at Rush Medical Center, and it is there where she started participating in art.  Prior to this, Ailani never had any interest in art before in her life.  Ailani learned how to paint with acrylics and looked forward to going to the hospital as an opportunity for her to draw.  Art was something positive and fun for her to focus on during all the struggles she had to go through.

Another interesting thing is that a music therapist came to her hospital room and started teaching her how to play the acoustic guitar and they would also sing together.  After a while, Ailani asked her mom if she could get her own acoustic guitar so she could learn to play.  Ailani enjoys composing her own songs.  Because of the big C, she got in touch with her artistic side. Mireya said, “It's organizations like Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope that make these things possible for children like my daughter to explore interests in music and art, for that, I thank you.”

On Friday, May 12, 2017 Mary Jane Johnson-AAFH Board Member and Yoli-President of AAFH drove to Ailani’s house to deliver her new acoustic guitar.  Ailani was surprised and very happy to receive her new guitar.  We hope Ailani enjoys playing her new acoustic guitar and composing music many years to come.