On January 31, 2017, Mary Jane Johnson (WWC Member and AAFH Board member) along with Yoli Alvin (AAFH President) attended the first 2017 WWC quarterly meeting in downtown Geneva, IL.

100 Women Who Care is a new organization founded in March of 2015 by Teresa Keenan, Terry Ayres, and Martha Brown.  The Mission of the organization is to help the local community by bringing together at least 100 women who are willing to donate $100 each to a local charity, four times per year.  The group meets once per quarter and within an hour or so at each meeting $10,000 is awarded to a local charity. 

Mary Jane and Yoli were invited by WWC to give a presentation on how a $10,050 donation awarded to the AAFH would be used.  They provided an overview of the AAFH Music and Art Programs and how the programs would benefit the young gift recipients fighting cancer or a life-threatening disease.  Mary Jane and Yoli on behalf of the AAFH expressed their sincere gratitude for being winners of the WWC Award.