Thank you for believing in our mission at the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope (AAFH).  On this Giving Tuesday event for 2017 we hope you would consider making a donation of $20 or more this holiday season to provide the gift of music and art to teens and young adults going through cancer treatments.  The programs provided by the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope offers creative opportunities for young patients to further their interests in the musical and visual arts by gifting them with the musical instrument or professional art supplies they so choose.  This allows them to maximize their enjoyment of life during medical treatment. By offering these services to young patients, the AAFH gives these youths positive experiences during difficult times.

We experienced the joy that music and art brought to our precious daughter, Alyssa, as she went through her chemo treatments.  We want to share this same experience with other young patients and their families.  We should not let cancer or other diseases hold teens and young adults back from pursuing their dreams.

When you give even a little, teens and young adults will benefit from the AAFH music and art programs.  Please donate today and give them hope and comfort knowing you and other donors care.

We GIVE HOPE & JOY through Music & Art to young people like Holden-Sax (18), Amber-Art Package (18), Billy – Banjo (13), Veronica – Pink Guitar (16), Jameya - Keyboard (13), Mitch - Headphones (21), Abigail – Art Package (18) and Damien - electronic keyboard (16)

Visit our website to donate and for further information!