Samuel (Sam) is a 14-year-old boy from Chiapas, Mexico who loves to listen to music according to his mom, Claudia.  Sam lives with his mom and 9 year old sister, Dana.  We met Sam during our visit to Instituto Nacional de Pediatria (INP) in Mexico City in July 2016.  He was diagnosed with leukemia in May 2016.  He has been in and out of the hospital for his chemotherapy treatments.  Sam has some musical experience since he has played drums in the past.  He likes to listen to various musical genres such as jazz and reggae.  Sam likes to listen to instrumental music at the end of his day since he finds the music calms him and prepares him to dream about his future. 

Sam was the first patient at INP who completed his gift request after learning about AAFH’s Gift Recipient Program.   Alyssa’s Godmother, Nancy Avila, watched as Sam entered the information on the gift request form via the AAFH website on July 29th.  Nancy then told Yoli that she was going to purchase and donate the Beats headphones for Sam.  Lily, our dear friend and AAFH volunteer in Mexico City, shopped for the Dr. Dre Beats in August and informed us she was ready to deliver them to Sam.  In early September, we contacted one of the Oncologist at INP, Dra. Karla, to determine the best date to deliver his Beats.  On Monday, September 19th, Lily delivered the Beats and surprised Sam as he was not expecting them that day.

Claudia, Sam’s mom, emailed us and told us Sam was really happy with his Beats and is very appreciative of what AAFH has done for her son and for what it does for young patients with cancer.