Kevin McDermott nominated and presented Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope (AAFH) at the quarterly event hosted by Hops for Humanity on Monday, July 11, 2016.  Kevin called Yoli that evening and said, “AAFH finally won the donation!“  It was great news for AAFH to be the Winners as Kevin had been nominating and presenting AAFH at the previous quarterly Hops for Humanity events but had never selected as one of the three members to present their charity.  Kevin was determined to help AAFH receive a donation because he believes in the mission of Alyssa’s Foundation.    Our goal is to continue giving the gifts of music and art to children and young adults battling a life threatening disease. 

On Tuesday, August 16, 2016, Board members Dr. Alvaro Liceaga and Mary Narcaroti Liceaga, joined AAFH President Yoli in meeting Kevin and several of the Board Members of Hops for Humanity at the Alter Brewing Co. in Downers Grove, IL.  The Hops for Humanity generously presented a $9,000 check to the AAFH to further the Foundation’s mission.  On October 17th, Alyssa’s parents (George and Yoli) will be sharing at the Hops for Humanity quarterly event how the AAFH will utilize this $9,000 donation in furtherance of our mission.

Hops for Humanity was founded by Patrick and Julie Sheehan in 2014.  Pat has been a brewer of craft beer for nearly 20 years and lives in Elmhurst, IL with his wife Julie.  Pat and Julie began Hops for Humanity together with their friends who became the founding board members with the intention of giving back to their community.  Their mission statement is “Good Beer Doing Good.” (Hops for Humanity)