Rashied was diagnosed at age 23 with Wilms tumor, a rare kidney cancer, in December 2013.  Rashied lives in East Chicago, IN with his family.  We heard about Rashied from Lurie Children’s Hospital Social worker, Joni. 

Rashied learned about Music Therapy from speaking with Joni and he became interested in the acoustic guitar.  This is how Rashied found out about the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope.  Joni shared information about our gift recipient program and he was excited to complete a request. 

Over the past 3 months, Rashied has been learning how to play the guitar when he is at Lurie’s getting his treatments. 

Rashied and his wife, Leah, have a three-year-old son named Caleb.  Rashied and Leah will be celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary on August 2nd. 

Yoli drove to Lurie Children’s Hospital to deliver the acoustic guitar to Rashied.  She met Rashied at the front entrance to the hospital on July 25th and presented him with his brand new Rogue acoustic guitar, guitar bag and guitar stand.  The Cirone family donated the acoustic guitar and Instrument Exchange Owner, Tom Stading, donated the guitar bag and stand. 

Rashied expressed his thankfulness with, "I am grateful and thank the Cirone family and Tom for their donations.  I can now continue to learn how to play the guitar”.  Rashied then went into the Hospital to receive his chemo treatment.