On May 13, 2016, I met Elijah, his Mom (Kimberly) and two of his sisters at Lurie Children's Hospital.  It was great to finally meet Elijah who requested an electric keyboard and stand.  Elijah plays other instruments and now wants to learn how to play the keyboard. 

Elijah is an 18 year old young adult who was diagnosed with myoepithelial carcinoma in May 2015.  Despite his diagnosis, Elijah continues to pursue his interests in music, art, computers and technology.  He also loves to run and we hope he also gets to do that as his health allows.

On the day I delivered his gift, Elijah was arriving at Lurie's in Chicago for an outpatient visit and a review of a previous MRI that had been taken of him.  Elijah was surprised to see the big colorful gift boxes that I brought him on behalf of the AAFH. I was able to catch Elijah just before his scheduled appointment and meet the family outside of the entrance to Lurie's.  It was a beautiful morning in Chicago and great to greet Elijah who was very happy to receive his keyboard gift!

Elijah thanks the AAFH for honoring his gift request!  He told me he would keep in touch and send us a video of the music he learns to play on the keyboard!  We wish the best for Elijah and we can't wait to receive his music video!