Robert is a 12 year boy attending 7th grade in his hometown of Grand Blanc, Michigan.  Robert has a twin sister named Rebecca.  Robert was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in January of 2016.  I met Robert and his mom, Lisa, at Music Night held on March 14th.  They are staying at RMH in Winfield while Robert is going through proton radiation treatment.  I had the opportunity to share information about the music and art programs AAFH offers teens and young adults.  Robert and Lisa were excited to hear about our foundation and enjoyed the music performance that night. 


That same evening, we received Robert's gift request for a set of wood carving tools.  Ten days later, I delivered Robert's two carving kits that he requested as a gift.  I arrived at RMH in Winfield on March 24th and had dinner with Lisa and Robert.  It was very nice to sit with them and learn more about what Robert likes to do and found out that he likes to do creative artwork, fish, ski, and play baseball.  Robert said, "My grandpa gave me one wood carving tool and now because of AAFH, I have my own carving tools.  I can't wait to show my papa the kits.”

Robert was happy to receive his gift and has already been busy using the kit to carve a bird.