About 6 months ago, Elizabeth Bennett, Director of Orchestras, AP Music Theory, Co-Fine & Performing Arts Coordinator and National Honor Society Sponsor of Buffalo Grove High School (HS District 214) contacted AAFH because they were interested in performing for the young patients and their families during the Music Nights hosted by AAFH at RMH in Winfield.  Elizabeth said, “It was such a joy to hear about Grace’s (one of her orchestra student and AAFH volunteer) experience with AAFH.  Wow, what an inspiration Alyssa must have been and still is today.  This is just an incredible and inspiring organization’s work in her memory!”

The Music Nights are held once a month for 1 hour.  For the first 30 minutes, the group performs and during the last 30 minutes of the hour, the music students hold a hands-on session where they interact with the young patients staying at the House by showing them the basics of the musical instruments they play.   The families enjoyed the music played by the Buffalo Grove HS Chamber Orchestra led by Elizabeth on Monday, March 14, 2016.  Elizabeth also had one of the youngest patients act as a conductor for one of the last songs the chamber orchestra played.  The young patient did great!

The Buffalo Grove HS Chamber Orchestra enjoyed the experience so much that they want to come back again!  What a beautiful thing.