We met Devon at the Ronald McDonald House near Central DuPage Hospital, where he received his cancer treatments. He’s friends with one of our gift recipients, Holden, who received a green saxophone last week.  I personally met Devon during one of our Art Nights, where School of Art sponsored our event to paint sneakers with the guests at the Ronald McDonald House. It was a fun event! Check it out. Here’s a picture of Holden and Devon sitting up front with our flute gift recipient Andra standing to my right.

Devon is an artist at heart. He writes poetry and draws. Since I’m also a writer, I asked him, “Maybe you can send me one of your poems and we can share it on the Alyssa foundation’s Facebook page for everyone?” As you know, I want people like you to read the stories about the people we help. To me, this has always been a very important part of our mission.

Devon replied, “I haven’t really written anything in awhile.”

Devon’s Mom, Michelle, interrupted and said that Devon certainly writes poetry. She said, “I have a poem that he wrote and I framed it.” She made the gesture of a picture frame with her hands while telling me about the poem.

I knew that the poem meant a lot to Michelle judging by the look on her face. I had no idea what the poem was about, but as an artist, I knew the words he wrote meant a lot to his Mom. I felt that Devon and Michelle were really close. They even wore matching t-shirts that read DEVON STRONG.

You’re strong Devon! We hope that you enjoy listening to music on your Beats Studio headphones while making art!

Thanks to our individual contributors and sponsors who donated to make this happen. If you want to help us continue our mission, please click here to donate musical instruments, art supplies, and funds.

Give Hope.