December 1, 2016, the Blue Cross Blue Shield IL(BCBSIL) Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) organized a volunteer team to create Alyssa’s Starter Art Kits (SAKs) in support of the Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope’s (AAFH) mission of providing art materials to children and young adults fighting cancer or other life threatening diseases.  The volunteers participated in putting together 100 of Alyssa SAKs.  This volunteer effort was led by Denise Perez-Cabrera, Executive Secretary of AAFH. 

Denise and Yoli previously worked together at BCBSIL in the PMO and established a strong relationship working on projects together.   Denise and Yoli continue to work together in key roles for AAFH. 

A special “Thank You” goes out to Denise because AAFH was approved by the Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) as a Blue Corps Community Partner in October 2016!  This allows AAFH to earn Matching Dollars for each volunteer hour logged into Blue Corps!  We appreciate Denise for her dedication to the AAFH.

The BCBSIL volunteer team completed 60 journal kits and 40 drawing kits for a total of 100 Alyssa SAKs.  This is the most a team has completed for AAFH.  These Alyssa SAKs will be delivered to as many hospitals and medical facilities as possible for the teens and young adult patients.

Another “Thank You” and much gratitude to our volunteers from BCBSIL EPMO:  Maristella Sacarelos, Midia Michael, Denise Perez-Cabrera, Marina Herrera, Jennifer Odishoo, Ruth Gumina, Frank Gattone, Eric Engdahl, Rebecca Benson, Laura Harty, Mark Albright, Liya Summers, Jenny Choe, Char Ishop, Nan Partridge, Richard Camacho, and Paula Laurent.

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