We’ve been successfully collecting musical instruments to give to kids and young adults with cancer. Also, we have students from Geneva High School and music professionals volunteering to give the kids free music lessons at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago!

I can already imagine the beautiful music that will be created by these young cancer patients.  I can imagine them pressing piano keys, strumming guitar strings and tapping on the drums to create songs of their own.

The beauty of music is that we can make it about our own experience. We like to listen to different types of music depending on our mood. For example, everyone has a happy and up-beat song that feels like a fresh breeze and a ray of sunshine. In contrast, everyone has a sad song to make us feel the storms within and the rainclouds above. Sometimes, music even brings out emotions that we don’t understand. It can transport us from one moment to another. It can carry us through our deepest and darkest times to reminds us that melodies can manage our fears and lyrics can soothe our wounds.

Because of the powerful emotions that can come from music, we want to give cancer patients the opportunity to create their own masterpieces. Music can tell stories. Music can inspire. Most importantly, music brings happiness.

The Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope believes in the healing power of music and art.

It’s amazing to see people and organizations believe in our mission! Look at the beautiful instruments we received from kind-hearted individuals:

Thank you for helping us Give Hope.

-Kevin Cervantes

You can help us give the Gift of Music today! To donate funds, musical instruments, and art supplies please visit our website:


Not pictured: the guitar we'll be giving on April 18 at our Benefit Concert. It's a surprise!

Not pictured: the guitar we'll be giving on April 18 at our Benefit Concert. It's a surprise!