Dear Friends,

This section will be dedicated to stories. The Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope wants to share stories about Alyssa, but also, stories about others who have been affected by cancer.

I believe that stories need to be told to  raise awareness of the struggle that cancer patients go through, but also, to tell stories of their courage and endurance. My experience with witnessing the unwavering strength and courage of Alyssa and her family as they battled cancer together has forever changed my life. I hope to inspire you all with these stories because my experiences with Alyssa lit a fire in my soul that will forever be present to give me strength through all the days of my life.

We will post anything from good music, pictures and poetry. We'll even blog about a visit to a child or young adult that has received our gift. We want to tell you stories of love, endurance, and courage. Most importantly, we want to tell you stories of hope.

I encourage you to share your story. If you've been affected by cancer or if you know someone who's been affected by cancer, please let us know. We encourage people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and faiths to share their story. We want to hear from you. We want to tell your story because it needs to be told to inspire others!

My friends, hope is very powerful. Above all else, we must never give up hope


Kevin Cervantes