A Story of Hope

Alyssa's book is currently being written by her mother, Yoli, who is narrating the story while weaving together Alyssa's journal entries, as well as letters, poems, and essays written by Alyssa's closest friends, family members, doctors, nurses, teachers, and music coaches to tell Alyssa's story.

It's a story about a love between family, a love between friends, and a romantic love. It's a story about faith and endurance. Most importantly, it's a story of hope.

Excerpts from Alyssa's Journal

Alyssa's journal entries highlight her unique perspective on life. We have a large collection of her writings which will be fused in various sections of the book to tell Alyssa's story in its purest form. 

In this section, we'd like to feature a short excerpt that is very important to Alyssa. Alyssa's older brother, Vince Alvin, inspired Alyssa to play the piano. She looked up to Vince from an early age which influenced Alyssa's drive to master the piano. 

This is only a very small piece of the story. We'd like to share this with you to give you a small glimpse of Alyssa's story.

Alyssa's Hero

A short excerpt about Alyssa's brother, Vince Alvin, from Alyssa's journal:

"As a child, I was in awe of the beautiful noises flooding from the piano.  When my brother played the piano, I could not focus my ears to listen to anything but what Vince was playing on the piano.  I yearned to learn how he played so sweetly.  I strived to produce as great a sound as my brother.  When I did, several years later, I was so proud.  I felt so accomplished to have mastered the technique and artistry my brother had possessed.  Within a matter of years, I had surpassed his talent and became the highest level student my teacher had taught".  Aside from the inspiration from Vince to play the piano, Alyssa admired Vince for his passion to learn and his drive to achieve excellence in the academic goals he set for himself especially as Vince achieved those goals.

Alyssa was amazed by the strong relationships Vince established with his friends from an early age and how his friends respected and valued his recommendations and points of view to improve their way of life.  Vince was Alyssa's hero in this respect and in many other ways.  She believed he could be an inspiration to anyone who got the opportunity to meet him.